Little while since I last posted, mainly to due to being extremely busy!

I’ve been working on a number of projects:

Call of Cthulhu 7th edition – working with artists to develop colour plates, rulebook art, scenario art and maps.

This have taken a lot of time, finding and working with artists and putting further development in the art briefs to make sure they capture the essence that is required, answering artists’ questions and approving concept sketches. I’ve seen some fantastic concepts and the final, finished art is trickling in now – I’ve been really impressed – and I hope everyone else is too.

Call of Cthulhu Keeper Screen – gathering and developing data that will go on to the Keeper side of the screen. Honing down the information so that its useful, readable and easy to follow. Trying to redesign text into graphic/tables requires a lot of thinking!

Cold Harvest – a great scenario by Chad Bowser set in 1930s Russia. Lots of great characters and great premise.

7th edition card decks – sourcing period photographs to match with the characters I’ve designed and working with artists for the Phobia and Events decks, these should all look marvellous when they come together in layout.

Cthulhu Dark Ages – refining and editing the work being done by Chad Bowser.

Secret Project 1 – early days, but gathering a writing team and look to have some good people in place.

Secret Project 2 – working on art briefs with the author.

Keeper Companion (revised) – editing and updating the existing volumes in to a new single volume, and looking at what would be cool to add.

Secret Project 3 – finished editing and development, art briefs done and with a great artist I’ve not worked with before, whose character art is spot on.

Well that’s probably enough for now!

I will be at Dragonmeet London this coming Saturday, so if you are there say “hi’!

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