Gencon – Day 1

Up early for a swim in the hotel pool whilst Paul got ready for his 9am backers game. I made my way to the convention centre and the Chaosium booth. The stock had arrived so I pitched in to help get it all on display as the doors opened to let everyone in.

I spent the morning chatting to customers and talking about 7th edition, handing out printed quick start rules. There was a good buzz. Copies of the scenarios that Paul and I were running arrived and I grabbed these as they were backer rewards for those playing in our games. I headed back to the hotel for my afternoon game and arrived in time to make sure the people in Paul’s game got their copies too. My game went well and over ran by 30 minutes, so it was a quick dash to a secret restaurant for a backer dinner.

The dinner was joined by Sandy Petersen (who’s flight had been slightly delayed), who arrived with a Cthulhu and King in Yellow clutched in his hands for us all to look at (from his forthcoming Cthulhu Wars game). The meal was an experience – with head melting hot shrimp and a plate covered in steak that just kept growing and not getting any smaller despite how much of it you ate!

And so to bed…

After a few hours sleep the dawn of day 2 awoke me. But that is another story…

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