Gencon – arrival

Getting up at 3 am us never a good thing (only cultists and deep ones are about at such an hour).

I hopped in the car to drive to Paul Fricker’s house where a cup of tea awaited. Soon we were joined by Andrew (TiggerMK) who had kindly agreed to drive up to the airport.

Thus we set out and two flights, 10 hours of flying and some airport shenanigans later we arrived in Indianapolis.

What we needed was to get in our room and freshen up. But disaster! There were no rooms in either of our names… Aaahhh !

Some deft texting and an hour loitering around the hotel later, the wonderful Meghan of Chaosium had sorted out the hotel booking misunderstanding and we were in. Hooray!

While we were waiting we did bump into Gregor Hutton (of 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars fame). Gregor said he was running stuff in the Games on Demand area – cool.

The evening was then spent with the Chaosium posse – Charlie, Meghan, Nick and Spencer, plus Pedro and his partner (of CoC character generator app and Mythic Iceland fame), eating Italian food.

Tiredness, the black hearted shadow of the traveller, was creeping up on me and so back to the hotel we went. Sleep followed very shortly after…

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